Top 5 sports bars in Medellin

sports bars medellin

Top 5 Sports Bars in Medellin

With its large variety of bars and clubs, Medellin is known for its vibrant nightlife. Locals and foreigners enjoy the city’s party scene in places such as Parque Lleras or La 70.

But if strobe lights, reggaeton and shots of aguardiente are not your thing, or you’re just looking for somewhere to hang out, watch a game and have a few beers, don’t fret.

There is also a good variety of sports bars in Medellin. Colombians are not only big soccer fans; they also like watching basketball , baseball,cycling, among others. 

So, where are the best sports bars? Here we give you a map and below you’ll find our top 5.

Best sports bars in Medellin

If you want a local experience, we recommend you visit the Carrera 70 (commonly known as “La 70”), close to Estadio metro station. Especially during important local and international soccer games, the street fills up with locals sitting at the different bars to cheer on their favorite teams. We recommend the bars that are closer to the UPB university instead of those closer to the Metro station Estadio.

If you are looking for a place to watch major sporting events such as Champions League, Premier League, NFL, or even the World Cup, or other sports besides soccer,  we have created a list of our 5 favorite sports bars in other parts of the city:

Top 5 sports bars in Medellin Real City Tours Medellin
Sports Bars – Barrio Sur (Envigado) – Liverpool FC Colombian Supporters

This cafe bar is one of the most popular in Envigado. It is located in Calle de La Buena Mesa, a great neighborhood filled with a variety of restaurants and bars. At Barrio Sur, you can find food, drinks, snacks and music. They have indoor and outdoor spaces for you to watch important games. They usually open around noon and close at midnight or 1 am depending on the day.

If you are a Liverpool FC fan, then this is definetely your place! #YNWA

Top 5 sports bars in Medellin Real City Tours Medellin
Sports Bars – Ay Wey (El Poblado)

If you love Mexican food and sports, this is your place. Ay Wey Sports Bar has a similar concept to Hooters. It has multiple screens that show the different games of the season, from baseball to basketball, hockey, and many more. It opens around noon and closes at 1 am or 4 am depending on the day. 

Top 5 sports bars in Medellin Real City Tours Medellin
Sports Bars – Patrick´s Irish Pub

This pub is one of the most popular in Parque Lleras amongst locals and expats. It offers an American sports bar experience. They have great food to go with your drinks, such as burgers, chicken wings, and more. It opens at 5 pm from Monday to Friday and 11 am on Saturday and Sunday and closes at 2 am. 

Top 5 sports bars in Medellin Real City Tours Medellin
Sports Bars – Medellin Beer Factory

This well-known restaurant and bar has two locations with indoor and outdoor seating. They are famous for their ribs, chicken wings, and a variety of beers that includes over 50 types from all over the world. They also serve different types of delicious roasted meats. It opens at noon and closes at midnight.


Where? Calle 10 #36-16 / Carrera 37A #9-9A

Top 5 sports bars in Medellin Real City Tours Medellin
Sports Bars – Sportwings

This is a popular chain of restaurants in the country, so you will be able to find multiple restaurants in the city. They mainly serve chicken wings in various presentations but they also have other dishes, such as ribs, burgers, and Mexican food. They have multiple screens in each location and a big screen for important games. They open at noon and close at 10 pm or 11 pm depending on the day.

Where? Carrera 43A #3 sur-92 / Carrera 38 #18-101 / Transversal 39b #74-20 / Calle 20 sur #27 – 55 / Carrera 48 #32B sur -139 / Calle 51 sur #48-57

Remember to make reservations in case you want to watch a major event, as these places can get crowded.