100k COP (around 18 USD)*

Curious to try some Colombian food which is not fried?

Nothing against empanadas and buñuelos (we LOVE them!), but why not explore the healthy and truly diverse side of our local gastronomy? 

Join us on an exotic fruits tour, walk through one of Medellin’s main markets and see, feel and taste what makes Colombia the first country in the world in terms of fruit biodiversity. Learn about a variety of exotic fruits and try them with us…


** Vegan and vegetarian friendly **

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In this tour we will guide you through the labyrinth of one of Medellín’s main indoor markets. We will stop at different fruit stalls to taste over 10 exotic fruits, most of which you are likely to never have seen before (we’re not talking mangos and pineapples!).


We will introduce you to some of the vendors, and explain the benefits of each fruit as well as how to recognize ripeness/quality. At the end, there will be a chance to sit down at Don Rigo’s “smoothie bar”, where you can enjoy a fresh fruit juice/smoothie. Join us on this tasty adventure and make sure to come hungry!

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2½ -3 hours

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Monday to Sunday at 9:30am. Booking required! 

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100,000 COP + VAT per person (around US$18 + VAT). Includes fruit tasting and a fresh juice.
Don’t want to pay the VAT? Read the section below.

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Value Added Tax in Colombia is 19%. According to Colombian law, a VAT tax exemption can be applied on touristic services for non-residents who provide (1)a copy of the main page of their passport, (2) as well as the tourist entry stamp (types  PIP-3, PIP-5, PIP-6, PIP-10 or visas TP-7, TP-11, TP-12). Therefore, if you send us the required copies via email to [email protected] before you take the tour, we can apply the exemption and charge you the price excluding VAT. The exemption applies only to the tickets of the people from whom we receive the required copies.


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