Practical Guide To Tomorrowland Medellin 2024

Tomorrowland Medellin

Tomorrowland Medellin – CORE stage


If you are reading this, you need no explanation about what Tomorrowland is and what makes it so special. You probably already know that it’s the first time they come to Colombia and the stage will be their famous CORE. You are here because you want hands on information and useful facts to help you get there. So let’s get down to it:


Tomorrowland Medellin CORE Stage
Tomorrowland Medellin CORE Stage


Tomorrowland Medellin: When and Where?


The event will take pleace on Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12 of 2024. And althougth it was originally announced to take place in the Botanical Gardens, they have recently changed the location to the Parque Norte, apparently due to space issues for the stage. The new location is not far though, it’s just one block away from the original one. Parque Norte has been used before for other electronic music events, so it has proved to be a great setting for an immersive electronic music experience.


Tomorrowland Medellin: Tickets


The simple answer is: “there are no tickets”, they SOLD OUT pretty quickly. But you are here because there is always hope, right? The first thing you should do is put yourself on the Waiting List, it costs nothing and you might get a very nice surprise. After that, let’s talk about the other ways to get tickets.


The tickets* were officially sold via  The cheapest tickets -1 day, general early entrance- costed COP 300,000 (around 80 USD) and the most expensive tickets -2 days, VIP- costed more than 1’000.000 COP (around 260 USD). So that gives you an idea of the prices you might find when trying to get tickets.


*Tickets: Technically speaking, no one has tickets yet. What people bought, was some sort of “right to be sent the ticket” via the TuBoleta Pass APP 24 hours before the event starts. Meaning that before that, it will be very hard to get your hands on one.


After tickets are sent to the original buyer, then the trade starts. And believe me, there will be a lot of tickets on the market. Just for you to understand there are typically two types of scalpers:


  • Someone who genuinely wanted to go, bought a ticket but can no longer attend: Colombians use Instagram to let their friends know that they have to sell their tickets, so it’s usually other friends who get the tickets. As a matter of fact, I have one colleague of mine who is selling her 1 day-ticket. This is her phone number.
  • Professional scalpers who do this for living: There will be scalpers at the entrance offering their tickets and although I do not feel comfortable promoting what they do, I have to admit that many times, they are the only way to get tickets. Beware though, sometimes they sell fake tickets too! The best way to make sure you are not being scammed, is by asking the seller to send the ticket to your app account. So, save yourself some time and get the app: Tuboleta Pass.


Tomorrowland Medellin: How to get there


Although it is located in the north part of the city, not close to El Poblado or Laureles, it is actually very easy to reach Parque Norte. Either by public transport or by hailing apps.

By Metro:

  • Take the Metro Line A towards Niquía and get off at the Universidad station.
  • From there, walk approximately 5 minutes to the Parque Norte, it will be very hard to miss.

By Uber or any other hailing app:

  • In your app you can enter either “Parque Norte” or “Estación Universidad”.


Tomorrowland Medellin: Safety tips


I bet this is not the first time you rave, so I will assume your common sense is well develped for such events. Still here are some golden rules:

  • Leave your valuables at home: DO NOT bring your original passport, ID, or any other, copies are enough. 
  • Cash: Do not keep all your cash in the same place, spread it out on different pockets and even, keep a bit in a shoe 😉
  • Know your address: Memorize the address of your accommodation,  take a picture of it on your phone , or in case your battery dies simply write it down in a paper.
  • Keep an eye on your drinks: Spiked drinks are a concern at any crowded event. Never leave your drink unattended and be cautious about accepting drinks from strangers.
  • Medellin’s new emergency line for foreigners: If you need help during the festival, remember the new emergency line for foreigners in Colombia is 911.


More than just Tomorrowland Medellin


If you cant make it into the Tomorrowland, Medellin boasts a thriving electronic music scene.  Check out our list of  the best techno clubs in the city so you can get a taste of the city’s electric energy!


I sincerly hope you can get a ticket and have a blast!