Top 10 best techno clubs in Medellin 2024

techno clubs medellin

A Guide to the techno clubs in Medellin


Here we prepared a list of the top 10 techno clubs in Medellin. The first three are the top choice for those who are here for short time, the others are if  you have the time to immerse yourself in the vibrant techno culture of Medellin, you’re in for an extraordinary experience.


Before listing the Techno Clubs in Medellin we must talk about Medellinstyle, as they are the ones to follow in order to know what’s going on in the techno scene in the city.


Medellinstyle: The Epicenter of Techno

In the core of  Medellin’s techno community stands Medellinstyle, they are a powerhouse with two decades of experience. This renowned platform brings the most eclectic and underground DJs to the techno capital of South America. Explore their website (link embeded in the title) as they constantly publish what’s going on and where, also if you’re keen on attending the Freedom Festival they are the ones to keep an eye on.


#1 50 | 50 Club

Carrera 50 #34-62 (Perpetuo Socorro – between Poblado and City Center)

Curated by Merino and the Move crew, 50 | 50 Club is the city’s newest hotspot. Distinguishing itself by embracing a broad spectrum of sonic experiences, including house, techno, and Latin rhythms, it seeks to reconnect with the local community and contribute to Medellin’s electronic scene.


#2 Deep (previously known as Calle 9+1)

Calle 10 #40-10 (El Poblado)

Nestled in the very heart of El Poblado, super close to most hostels and hotels, this is one of those techno clubs in Medellin that offers a raw and authentic techno experience. The dark, industrial ambiance perfectly complements the hard-hitting techno beats, making it a haven for purists who prefer their music unadulterated and their surroundings gritty.


#3 Salón Amador

Calle 10 #40-30, (El Poblado)

Their name pays a tribute to one Carlos Coroliano Amador, a very important local business man a century ago. Among the techno clubs in Medellin, this one is known for its amazing sound system and for regularly hosting international DJs, creating a melting pot of global techno cultures. Some techno clubs enthusiasts in the city refer to it not as a club but more as an experience.


Techno Clubs in Medellin
Techno Clubs in Medellin


Mad Radio

Calle 8a #33-40

Some call it “The Ultimate Music Experience” in Medellin. Born in 2017, Mad Radio is more than just a brand; it’s a community of music enthusiasts and creators. With a presence in Medellín, Barcelona, Bogotá, and now Miami, Mad Radio offers unique experiences where vintage meets urban and eclectic vibes. Their online radio stations, live streams, and special events make them a standout choice for music lovers.



Carrera 37 #10-37 (El Poblado)

They offer a mix of music which many call “eclectic”. Their “techno nights” stands out as something truly special. Located in the bustling Parque Lleras area, this club attracts a diverse crowd, from seasoned techno veterans to curious newcomers. The unique decor adds an extra layer of intrigue to your techno experience, providing the perfect setting for enjoying techno in a relaxed, yet energetic atmosphere.


Baren Bar

Calle 10 #38-10 (El Poblado)

For an easy start, Baren is consider by many a pregame bar instead of one of the techno clubs in Medellin.  It’s located in Calle 10, which is the main street within El Poblado. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, Baren Bar is the ideal starting point for your night, with no cover charge.


Casa de la Luna

Calle 44 #42-55 (City Centre)

If Baren is the pregame, then La Casa de La Luna is one of those techno clubs in Medellin for live the very end of the night. For those who follow our blog, you know we love to give priority to places outside of El Poblado. This techno club in Medellin downtown is known for becoming the center of gravity for afterparties, something interesting about it, it has three different atmospheres. If you fancy, you can also visit it during the day as it operates as a cultural centre. If you are open to surprises, then this should be in your list.


Terraza Club

Carrera. 44 #25-15

Out of the touristic area, yet not far from El Poblado is one of our favourite techno clubs in Medellin. It is located in Barrio Colombia, known during the day for being a busy industrial are. Terraza in spanish means “rooftop”, and they live up to their name, their terraza offers an amazing view of the city.


Moderna Club

Calle 10 #40-21

If you are looking for a techno club that’s not big and that feels more intimate than the standard huge place, then Moderna Club is your place. Moreover, it is located in the Parque Lleras area, meaning the heart of the party area of El Poblado.


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