Insiders Guide to Movie Theaters in Medellín, Colombia

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Are you exhausted from the backpacker’s rhythm and want to find a relaxed evening? 


Most movie theaters present movies in their original language (the vast majority American productions) with Spanish subtitles, except only for children movies. 


In the recent years, they started offering the dubbed projections, to double-check the language of a specific screening, go to their website (below, we show you how), click on the movie you want to watch, and if the screening says “SUBTITULADO,” it means the movie is in its original language with Spanish subtitles , and if it says “DOBLADO” it means it will be in Spanish.


There is only one IMAX theater (Cine Colombia at Viva Envigado), and there are two theaters where you get super comfy chairs and where they take food to your seat (Sala Platinum at Cine Colombia in Viva Envigado and Sala Premier at Cinemark El Tesoro)


In Colombia, movie theater prices range between 12,000 COP and 35,000 COP (between 2 USD and 7 USD) as of 2023, while special screenings of opera and ballet can go up to 90,000 COP (around 19 USD). The prices fluctuate depending on the neighborhood, movie theater, time of day, and day of the week. You’ll find cheaper tickets on weekdays before noon, as prices rise in the afternoon and on weekends. Wednesday is the best day to go to the cinema as the prices are the cheapest!

Wednesday is the best day to go to the cinema as the prices are the cheapest!


Movie Theater Chains in Medellín


The following is the list and the websites of the main theater chains in Medellin, there you can browse what is available, then you can see where it’s being projected. Although you can pay online (you’ll need to create an account of course) you can also show up and buy at the ticket booth (beware on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays though)



Cine Colombia is Colombia’s largest and most renowned movie theater chain, with over 47 movie theaters spread across the country and 95 years in the market. 


In the Medellín metro area, you’ll find six different theaters located in Los Molinos (almost Laureles), Oviedo (in Poblado), Santafé (in Poblado), Unicentro (Laureles), Viva Envigado (south of Poblado, here you find the IMAX and the “Sala Premier” which has amazingly comfy chairs and you can order sushi a-la-carte ), and Vizcaya (in Poblado). 


If you are looking for discounts, Cine Colombia has a Cineco card, which offers you special prices on tickets and food. It’s a rechargeable card exclusive to the chain that costs 15,000 COP (around 3 USD). 


Cineco Alternativo: 

Cine Colombia allows you to purchase tickets for special opera, theater, and ballet screenings. We recommend you visit the website, as they are not available at all locations, and schedules might be limited.







Cinemark is an American movie theater chain with over 35 theaters in Colombia. In the Medellín metro area, you’ll only find one located in El Tesoro mall.


They have a membership card, the Cinemark Elite Gold, that costs 22,000 COP per year (around 5 USD) and gives special prices on tickets and food. 







Pocinal has 29 movie theaters, eight of which are located in Medellin in malls Aventura, Aves Maria, Florida Parque, La Central, Las Américas, Mayorca, Monterrey, and Puerta del Norte.


They also have a rechargeable frequent moviegoer card to buy movie tickets, food, and beverages at discounted rates. It costs 16,500 COP (around 4 USD).





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Alternative Theaters

Movie theater el MAMM
Source: @elmamm




The Museum of Modern Art of Medellín has an outdoor cinema, in which they not only present commercial films but also an independent cinema, documentaries, and more. They present movies both in English and Spanish. 


Tickets cost 11,500 COP  (around 2 USD) and can be purchased through their website. On Saturdays, they have a 2 pm screening with 2×1 in tickets. 


Remember to arrive 15 minutes in advance to validate your ticket and find the ideal place to enjoy the screening. 





The school Colombo Americano has a theater downtown and presents films similar to those of the MAMM. Tickets cost 10,000 COP for the general public and 9,000 COP for students and people over 55 (around 2 USD). 




  • Museo Casa de la Memoria

In 2023 the memory museum announced that every Thursday at 6:30pm there will be free movie nights, this is their website


Hope you enjoy your movie!