Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Medellin in 2023

Fine Dining - source: @Sambombi

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Medellin


Are you tired of seeing burgers and pizza restaurants in Medellín? Are you looking for something more sophisticated than a greasy chicharrón, an enormous bandeja paisa filled with beans, rice, egg, and everything you can imagine? 


If you are looking for something else, let’s say a fine dining in a fancy place, or a super secret restaurant, we have listed below our best fine dining restaurants. If you are interested in traditional Paisa food, check out this post


Top Restaurants in Medellin for a Fancy Meal


In Medellín, the culinary scene has changed drastically in the last few years. As new talents appear and foodies demand better and better experiences, defined not by quantity but quality, new restaurants have been opening around the city. 


If you are looking to splurge a little on a fancy meal in one of the best restaurants in the city, we have compiled a list of the best fine dining restaurants and an amazing hidden gem, where you will find options for different tastes. From steakhouses to tasting menus, these restaurants will offer you a unique culinary experience. 


Disclaimer:  Every restaurant costs around $100,000 COP ($25 USD) per person or even more, without taking into account beverages and liquor. Some can even be 200 USD. 



Location: Cra. 35 #7-10, El Poblado

Type of Food: Bistro

Vegetarian/Vegan Options: Yes


Fine Dining - Sambombi
Fine Dining – Source: @sambombi.bistro


Sambombi is a restaurant with an intimate, reserved, and simple atmosphere. Their dishes are unique, as they seek to tell a story through their food that recalls native flavors. Most of their ingredients come directly from their garden in San Antonio de Prado, ensuring the highest quality in everything they serve. The menu is constantly changing, so there are always new things to discover. 


Remember! Being such a small restaurant, you must make a reservation to go. 


Don Diablo

Location: Cra. 36 #10A-45, El Poblado

Type of Food: Steakhouse

Vegetarian/Vegan Options: Yes


fine dining - Don Diablo
Fine Dining – Source: @dondiablosteakhouse


This restaurant offers an elegant experience without being over the top. If you like meat you will love this place. Don Diablo’s specialty is matured meats. Some of the best you’ll find in the city! We recommend you start with any of its spectacular appetizers and take a look through its long list of liquors, to find the ideal accompaniment to your meal. If you are interested in a tour of the aged meat cellar, ask for Johnny, and he will gladly show you the magic behind the restaurant.


They have vegetarian and vegan options, but the variety is not very wide, so if that is what you are looking for, we invite you to see other options on the list.



Location: Cra. 36 #10A-45, El Poblado

Type of Food: Tasting Menu

Vegetarian/Vegan Options: No


Fine Dining - X.O
Fine Dining – Source:


This restaurant has a different concept from what you may be used to. They only open when their main chefs are available. If you like to eat a lot this may not be your cup of tea. But if you are looking for a new experience, this is the perfect place for you. X.O. presents a concept of an omakase dinner, meaning that the choices of food and beverages rely completely on the chef. Every single dish is paired with a specific type of beverage in a specific order. Prepare to be amazed by new tastes! 


Tip: To better enjoy the evening, we recommend you sit at the bar rather than at a table.   


El Cielo

Location: Cl. 7D #43C-36, El Poblado

Type of Food: Tasting Menu

Vegetarian/Vegan Options: Yes


fine dining - El Cielo
Fine Dining – Source: @elcielorestaurant


This is one of the most internationally recognized restaurants in Medellín. El Cielo is the restaurant of chef Juan Manuel Barrientos, whose culinary expertise includes molecular tricks. There are two types of experiences: you can either attend the restaurant and ask for the menu or go for the tasting menu, which includes up to 18 delicacies. Either way, you must reserve to attend. In this restaurant, you will find highly elaborate dishes that are a combination of Colombian food sensations. 


If you are looking for an exceptional fine-dining restaurant, El Cielo is the perfect place for you.


Casa M

Location: Sector Alto, El Tablazo, Rionegro

Type of Food: Contemporary, International, Mediterranean, Grill.

Vegetarian/Vegan Options: Yes


fine dining - Casa M
Fine Dining – Source: @casa__m


Casa M is easily the best a well-kept secret of our list. This hidden gem is outside the city, in the rural area of La Ceja, Antioquia. The restaurant is located in el oriente antioqueño, and although it is located 40 minutes away from Medellín, the views and the location of the place, make it absolutely worth it for a special occasion. The menu is quite short, with two or three options for starters, main course, and dessert, but it is constantly changing. All their dishes are exceptional. No matter what you choose, you’ll always discover unique and incomparable flavors. 


Casa M presents the perfect opportunity to get out of the city and try new things.



Location: La Ceja Km 5.3

Type of Food: Italian

Vegetarian/Vegan Options: Yes


Fine Dining - Bulgatta
Fine Dining – Source: @bulgatta


Bulgatta is a restaurant located in el oriente antioqueño. Although the place is quite large, it is usually very crowded, and it is important to make a reservation. On the menu, you will find a wide variety of Italian dishes designed for different tastes, such as pasta, lasagnas, and soups. The restaurant is located in the countryside area, almost an hour away from Medellín. To get there you must go by car or Uber.


If you like Italian food this is surely your best option!