Top 8: Best Family-Friendly Activities in Medellín

Family-friendly activities

Medellín is quite popular among tourists because of its wild night-life. But that is not all it has to offer. Aside from the historical sites and museums, the city offers many family-friendly activities to suit every interest and age group. 


Whether it’s exploring the beautiful Botanical Garden, riding the cable car up to the Parque Arví for breathtaking views of the city, or enjoying the interactive exhibits at the Parque Explora (Interactive Science Menter), Medellín has plenty of family-friendly activities to offer for everyone.


Kids and Family-Friendly Activities and Places


Parque Explora & Planetarium

Family-friendly activities: Parque Explora
Source: @parqueexplora

I’ll start by saying that I am rather a geek and a nerdy, and I absolutely love going to Parque Explora and to take my son and nephews there. So yes, I am biased. I think this is a super cool interactive museum, perfect for both kids and adults. It consists of an aquarium, vivarium, and multiple science rooms, such as The Time Room, The Music Room and The Kids Room.

The planetariums also has cool science displays and a dome cinema and once a month there are laser shows or music shows.

Parque Explora has the largest freshwater aquarium in South America, with 29 tanks inhabited by over 300 fresh and saltwater species. Here you’ll find exhibitions and over 300 interactive activities for children.

If you have enough time, buy a combined ticket, including the Planetarium just next door.

Last but not least, their suvenier shops are super cool, not tacky and ugly stuff.

How to get there: The Metro station “Universidad” is next to Parque Explora.


Entry fee (2023): 

  • Individual ticket: 42,000 COP (10 USD)
  • Family of four: 150,000 COP (35 USD)
  • Parque Explora + Planetarium (individual ticket): 62,000 COP (14 USD)


Jardin Botanico

Family-friendly activities: Jardín Botánico
Source: @jardinbotanicodemedellin

The Joaquin Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden, also known as the Medellín Botanical Garden, is a magnificent 34-acre botanical oasis located in the heart of Medellín, Colombia. 

It is divided into sections, showcasing different plant species and ecosystems. You can explore a tropical forest, a desert garden, a butterfly farm, a small lake, and much more. Its vast collection of plant species and stunning landscapes makes it a must-visit destination for anyone who loves nature and wants to learn more about the native flora.

How to get there: The Metro station “Universidad” is a 5-minute walk away from the Botanical Garden. 


Entry fee (2023): Free


Parque de la Conservación (Zoo)

Family-friendly activities: Parque de la conservación
Source: @parquedelaconservacion

Parque de la Conservación is a nature reserve that hosts a rich diversity of native flora and fauna, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and tourists alike. In the last years, they have moved conceptually from being a traditional zoo into being a safe place for animals that have been victims of explotation (e.g. circus) or victims of exotic-species traffic. And they are doing a pretty good job.

Kids and adults can discover a broad range of animal species within its premises, such as birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. These animals come from different parts of the world, including Colombia, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. 

The park’s aviary is one of the main attractions, showcasing over 69 bird species, including macaws, parrots, and flamingos. 

The reserve is also known for its commitment to conservation and education, as it offers educational programs and hosts workshops on environmental preservation and sustainability.

How to get there: Definelly go either by taxi or Uber. It seems to be close to the Metro station “Industriales”, but it’s really a long walk through a rather industrial environment. 


Entry fee (2023): 

  • Kids (under 23 months): Free
  • Kids between ages 2 to 12: $15,000 COP (3 USD)
  • Kids 13 and older: $23,000 COP (5 USD)


Parques del Río

Family-friendly activities: Parques del Río
Source: Alcaldía de Medellín

Parques del Río is a beautiful and family-friendly park located along the west bank of the Medellín River. It is perfect for families who want to enjoy a stroll or a relaxing picnic in a peaceful setting. It is a great place to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones.

The park features a beautiful green space, a riverwalk, and a bike path, making it an ideal place to enjoy the outdoors. It also has a small playground with climbing structures, perfect for the little ones. 

Go there in the late afternoon, the park gets filled with people flying kites and chilling on the picnic spaces.

How to get there: The Metro station “Alpujarra” is a 20-minute walk from the park.


Entry fee (2023): Free


Parque El Salado

Family-friendly activities: Parque El Salado
Source: El Salado Parque Ecoturístico

Parque Ecoturístico El Salado offers a family-friendly activitiy and environment with tons of activities for kids and adults alike. One of the prime attractions is the ecological routes that go through the park’s lush green landscape. Visitors can stroll along the “quebrada” and enjoy the park’s scenic beauty.

For those looking to have a picnic, the park has an exclusive picnic zone. Additionally, visitors can also make use of the kiosks equipped with stoves for preparing traditional Colombian dishes like “sancochos” and “asados” (roasts). 

Among their attractions, you´ll find climbing walls, zip lines and more, as well as a skate rink and sports center, located just outside the park. 

How to get there: Take the Metro to the station “Envigado” and hop on one of the green buses that say “El Salado”.


Entry fee (2023):

  • Between $6,000 COP (1 USD)  and  $19,000 COP (4 USD)


Parque Arví

Family-friendly activities: Parque Arví
Source: Turismo Sostenible

Parque Arví is an ecological nature reserve and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Medellín. Spanning an incredible 39,500 acres, this park offers 33 miles of walkable trails that wind through stunning landscapes of forests, streams, and hills.

One of the great things about Parque Arví is that it’s a family-friendly activity to enjoy your day surrounded by nature. Whether you’re looking to go on a gentle hike, have a picnic with your family, go cycling, or even try your hand at horseback riding, there’s something for everyone here.

The park is easily accessible from the city center via the Medellín metro cable, which offers breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding mountains as you ascend to the park.

How to get there: Take the Metro to the station “Acevedo”, grab the Line K of the metro cable up to the station “Santo Domingo”, and then Line L to “Arví”. For more datails please read this other blog post dedicated entirely to Arvi Park


Entry fee (2023): Free


Parque Norte

Family-friendly activities: Parque Norte
Source: Parque Norte

Parque Norte is the only permanent amusemnt park in Medellin, if we were to compare it American ones, it wouldnt rank pretty high. but still it is another popular kid-friendly attractions in Medellín. Located in the northern part of the city, the amusement park offers a wide range of rides and attractions for children and grown-ups.

There are bumper cars, roller coasters, and several other rides. For the little ones, they have a train that runs through the park, a mini Ferris wheel, mini bumper cars, and so much more.

Overall, Parque Norte’s amusement park is a great family-friendly activities or for anyone looking for a fun day out. With many rides, attractions, and activities to choose from, everyone can find something they like.

How to get there: The Metro station “Universidad” is a 5-minute walk from the park.


Entry fee (2023): From $6,200 COP (1.50 USD) (entrance only) up to $38,700 COP (9 USD) (unlimited access to the attractions) 


Cable cars

Family-friendly activities: Metro Cable
Source: Metro de Medellín

The Medellín metro cable is another excellent family-friendly activities, offering beautiful views of the city and its neighborhoods. Although primarily designed for the daily transportation of locals, it has become a popular tourist attraction due to its scenery.

The Medellín metro cable is part of the Metro integrated system, consisting of six lines connecting different city parts. It is a great way to experience Medellín and its culture, providing an opportunity to see it from a different perspective.

When traveling with kids, making a loop without disembarking at any station is recommended. The ride is affordable and safe, making it an ideal family-friendly activity.

How to get there: Click here for more information about the different lines of the metro cable. 


Entry fee (2023): around $4,000 COP (1 USD). Metro tickets include access to the metro cables with no additional fees. 



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