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Reading list: 20 Books we recommend about Colombia and Medellin

Reading list - Colombian books

It is very common that after taking our Free Walking Tour in Medellin many people ask us about further reading material to better understand our city and country.

That makes us very happy and this is why we have curated a reading list to help you understand the local context and history through a series of fiction and non-fiction books. We have organized them by topic and for each book we included the available languages, a link to buy it and a little synopsis.

The list is rather generous, so we have created a short list of our favorites, we call it: Essentials. Below that list you will find the whole list.


El olvido que seremos
El olvido que seremos

Essential Books:

Below you will find the following categories: Colombian History, Transformation of Medellin, Drugs issue, Paisa authors and Colombian authors.

Enjoy it!

Books about Colombia’s history and the armed conflict:

Books about the transformation of Medellín:

Books about drugs:

Books written by Paisa authors:

Books written by Colombian authors:

We hope you have enjoyed our list!