Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Medellín 2023

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Medellín


We’ve said it already in other entries, the food scene in Medellín has exploded in the last few years. And although you see burger places every corner in Medellin, if you scratch the surface you’ll see that there is something for all tastes!


We understand that finding great vegetarian and vegan restaurants can be challenging, especially if traveling to a new city or country. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite on the go or a fancy dinner with friends, we’ve got you covered.


Restaurants with plant-based options


If you are interested in exploring plant-based options, we bring you a list of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city. From pizzas and pasta to sushi and salads, there’s something for everyone. 


Disclaimer: While not all restaurants are strictly vegetarian or vegan, they all include various plant-based dishes that are vegetarian and vegan-friendly on their menus. 


Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in El Poblado


Source: @helechorestaurante



Location: Carrera 43C #10-16

If you love sushi, but have trouble finding menus that include multiple vegan-friendly options, look no further! Helechos vegan sushi has anything from rolls and makis to veggie burgers and soups. All their dishes are 100% plant-based, offering a unique dining experience made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients. 



Location: Carrera 40 #10a-21 

Kaime is a restaurant that has it all. Their menu includes dishes for breakfast, brunch and dinner, all vegan-friendly. You’ll be able to find anything, from soups and veggie burgers to cauliflower wings and hummus. And if you want to finish your meal with a treat, they have baked goods, such as cakes, cookies and doughnuts. Likewise, they have a long list of beverages and liquors to pair with your meal. 


Café Zorba

Location: Calle 8 #42-33

If you are looking for a fancy pizza restaurant, Café Zorba is the perfect place. Located next to Parque El Poblado, this restaurant is popular among locals and tourists. Although not completely vegan or vegetarian, the restaurant has many pizzas free of animal-sourced ingredients. You’ll also find coffee, teas, herbal infusions, and desserts on their menu. 


Veg Station

Location: Calle 10a #37-62

Veg Station is a restaurant with multiple vegan and vegetarian dishes. From veggie burgers to tamales, paella, nachos and many more, their menu offers an impressive variety of dishes to suit all tastes. This is the perfect option to grab a quick bite or go for lunch, as they provide many appetizers, small bites, main dishes and some desserts. 


Lenteja Express

Location: Carrera 35 #8a-76 (Poblado), Circular 74B #39b-122 (Laureles) and Calle 53 #43-65 (Centro).

This restaurant offers a healthy version of vegan fast food. It is known for its burgers, made with its famous lentil protein. The menu also includes hot dogs, nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and pizzas. They have three restaurants in the city (downtown, Laureles and El Poblado), the perfect place to grab a bite anywhere in Medellín.  


Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Laureles

Source: @ina.restaurante



Location: Circular 4 #71-92

INA is famous for its dishes and cocktails. Among their beverages, they have margaritas, mojitos, sangrias, gins and more. They also have hot drinks such as coffee and lattes. Burgers, pasta, pizza, and soups are among their dishes and desserts, such as cakes, ice cream and more. 


Las Veganas

Location: Transversal 35a #66a-73

typical Colombian dishes tend to include animal protein and a bunch of animal-sourced ingredients. Las Veganas is a restaurant that has recreated some of these dishes in a vegan version. They have plant-based tamales, bandeja paisa, empanadas and more. This is the perfect option if you are vegan but interested in getting a sneak peek into the local cuisine. 



Location: Circular 4 #70-84

Saludpan is a restaurant and store that offers healthy and fresh plant-based options, with all their ingredients being locally sourced.  You’ll find vegan and vegetarian options, raw food, and gluten-free dishes and products among their dishes. Their menu includes main dishes such as soups, burgers, pizzas and salads, as well as desserts such as crepes, cakes and bowls.



Location: Circular 3 #70-39

Naturalia is a cafe that offers not only baked goods and coffee but breakfasts and lunches. Although they are not an all-vegan restaurant, its menu includes many plant-based dishes. They have a menu of the day (vegan and with animal protein) that includes soup, a main dish, salad, juice and dessert. They also have pizzas, wraps and salads.


Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in El Centro (Downtown)

Please keep in mind that the city center is not the safest area to hang out at night. These restaurants are recommended to visit during the day only. 


Source: @govindasplaya


Veggie Life

Location: Carrera 52 #45-92

The restaurant is located on the third floor of the building “Nuevo Guayaquil” in downtown Medellín. They are known for their menu of the day, which includes soup, main dish, salad, dessert and juice for only $16,000 COP (around 4 USD). All ingredients are fresh and pesticide-free.



Location: Calle 51 #43-27

Gonvida’s is near Plaza de Botero in downtown Medellín, actually right in front of Iglesia de La Veracruz. Their menu is a combination of dishes, offering from pizzas and burgers to pasta and crepes. They also have hot dogs, bowls and lasagna. If you are looking for a quick bite, their menu includes some snacks, such as oatmeal cookies, cheesecakes and arepas. 


These are just a few of the many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Medellín. If you want a fine dining experience, we invite you to read our blog Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Medellín in 2023, as most of the restaurants included have vegetarian and vegan options.