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Using the Medellin Metro to reach the meeting point of the Free Tour

The meeting point of the free tour in Medellin is the north ticket booth of Alpujarra station of the Medellin metro system, click here to see it in the map.


Using the Medellin metro system is very simple, you just need a metro card with enough credit on it. Several people can use the same card at the same time and you can only pay in cash.

Medellin Metro Card


  1. When you arrive at the metro station, go to the ticket booth (“taquilla”)
  2. Tell the person at the ticket booth you need a new card (“Tarjeta Civica eventual”) and how much credit (“recarga”) you would like to put on it.
    The card costs 5,000 COP. It can be shared between several people and used for unlimited trips as long as you have credit on it. A single trip costs 2,650 COP no matter where you get on/off. There are no day or multi-day tickets.
  3. Pay the total amount (COP 5,000 for the card + the amount of credit) in cash.
  4. Proceed to the turnstiles and hold the card up to the green scanner.
    If using one card for 2 or more people, you can scan it several times in a row at the same turnstile.

Here is a table of prices for 2020:

Amount of single trips

Total price  incl. card

1 7650
2 10300
3 12950
4 15600
5 18250
6 20900
7 23550
8 26200
9 28850
10 31500


For example, if a couple knows they will need 2 trips each (i.e. to the tour and back), then they need 4 trips in total, so they would pay COP 15,600 including the card.


Unfortunately the Medellin Metro system has not defined yet a policy to return the plastic card in order to get back the 5000 COP. That’s why we strongly encourage travelers leaving the city, passing the card to other travelers in order to decrease the usage of plastic.


How did you find this mini-guide? do you have any comments? any suggestions? Let’s us know!

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