Top 6: Best LGBTQ Bars in Medellín

Best LGBTQ Bars in Medellín

If you’re looking for a way to get to know the real Medellín and its vibrant LGBTQ+ community, visiting one of the city’s LGBTQ+ bars is a must. From colorful drag shows to delicious cocktails and lively atmospheres, these bars offer an unforgettable experience. 


While it may be a bit more challenging to find LGBTQ+ bars in Medellín than in other big cities, we’ve searched high and low to bring you the best places to have a fun night out with friends, drinks, and entertainment. Most of the bars and discotheques are located in El Poblado, the epicenter of Medellín’s nightlife scene, but you’ll also find a few hidden gems in Laureles. 


Best LGBTQ+ Bars in Medellín



LGBTQ bar: Chiquita


LGBTI+ bars in Medellin: Drag show Chiquita Bar
Source: @bar_chiquita

Location: Carrera 37 # 8a – 88

Chiquita Bar in Medellín is a vibrant and colorful gay bar you won’t want to miss. It is one of the most popular spots among tourists and locals. As you make your way up the multicolored staircase, you will reach the open-air terrace, the perfect place to enjoy the warm Medellín weather while sipping on one of their delicious cocktails. Located in Vía Primavera in El Poblado, Chiquita Bar is known for its drag shows and karaoke nights, making it the ideal place to celebrate your birthday or bachelorette party. If you’re planning a visit, be sure to get there early, as the bar tends to fill up quickly. 



LGBTQ bar: Happy House


LGBTI+ bars in Medellin: Party in Happy House
Source: @happymedellin33

Location: Avenidad 33 #78 – 168

Happy House is a popular hangout spot for the local LGBTQ+ community, but it’s especially welcoming to women. It has two floors, each with a unique atmosphere every night, so you can explore and find the perfect spot to enjoy the music and vibe. With its themed nights, Happy House ensures every visit is a unique and exciting experience. From “pool” parties to karaoke nights, something is always happening at this bar. The music is always on point, and the vibe is perfect for dancing and having fun with your friends. 



LGBTQ bar: The Corner Bar


LGBTI+ bars in Medellin: The Corner Bar
Source: The Corner Bar Medellín

Location: Calle 34 #66a – 13

If you’re not into nightclubs and dancing but still want to have a great night out with your friends or partner, The Corner Bar is the perfect option. This spot has a wide selection of cocktails, mocktails, and craft beers to suit every taste. Known for their open mic and karaoke nights, you can sing your favorite tunes or just enjoy the music, which ranges from rock and pop to salsa and merengue. The Corner Bar also has a diverse menu of dishes, making it the ideal place for a chill and fun night out with friends.



LGBTQ bar: Donde Aquellos


LGBTI+ bars in Medellin: Drag show Donde Aquellos
Source: @dondeaquellos

Location: Carrera 38 #9a – 26

Donde Aquellos is a popular bar in the bustling El Poblado area of Medellín. The bar has been in business since 2000 and has become a favorite hangout spot among the LGBTQ+ community. It is the ultimate spot for a relaxed night out with friends. Their outdoor area is perfect for unwinding with a couple of beers or cocktails while enjoying good music. On top of that, the bar also offers karaoke nights, live shows, and a dancefloor. So whether you’re starting your night or looking for a laid-back plan, Donde Aquellos is the perfect spot to hang out.



LGBTQ club: Calle 9


LGBTI+ bars in Medellin: DJ Calle 9

Location: Calle 10 #40 – 10

Calle 9 Club is a popular bar and nightclub in El Poblado, known for its impressive DJ lineup. Although it is not specifically an LGTBQ+ bar, it is quite popular among the community. With a diverse music selection, ranging from salsa and reggaeton to electronic and hip-hop, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you want to stay updated on their monthly plans, click here to visit their website. Calle 9 is also known for its delicious cocktails and mocktails, making it the perfect spot for a good drink after a long night of dancing. 



LGBTQ club: Club Oráculo


LGBTI+ bars in Medellin: Drag show Oráculo
Source: @cluboraculo

Location: Carrera 36 #8a – 123

If you are looking for a place to dance the night away, then Oráculo is the perfect place for you. This nightclub is known for its drag shows, impressive DJ lineup, and karaoke Thursdays. The DJs at Oráculo play music for all tastes, from reggeaton and plancha to electronic and salsa; there’s something for everyone on the dance floor. This place is a must-visit for anyone looking for a fun night out in Medellín. Whether you want to enjoy a good show and a good cocktail or dance all night long, Oráculo is the perfect place for you. 


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