Our 6 Favorite Places to Buy Souvenirs in Medellin

Souvenirs in Medellin

So, Medellin has left a mark on you, and now you’re looking for a nice souvenir to take home? Or perhaps you want to bring back a little something for a friend or relative who couldn’t join you on your trip? We’ve curated a list of our six favorite spots that not only offer unique, locally-made items but also contribute positively to the community, read until the end to access the bonus we recently added. From handcrafted beadwork to bespoke handicrafts, here’s where you can find the best pieces to remember your trip.


Top spots for unique souvenirs in Medellin


Souvenirs in Medellin #1: Embera Bead Project

This is always our first option for souvenirs in Medellin as they are doing a very meaningful job for people in deep need.  The Embera people are indigenous who are facing displacement due to armed conflict and drug dealing through their territories. The Embera Bead Project supports this community by commercializing their stunning traditional beadwork. We recommend this initiative for its efforts to preserve cultural heritage and provide economic benefits to the artisans who are indigenous refugees in Medellin. You can find beautifully crafted jewelry, crafts, and accessories, available for purchase via their Instagram or you can meet them at the very end of our Free Walking Tour.


Souvenirs in Medellin - Embera Bead Project
Souvenirs in Medellin – Embera Bead Project



Souvenirs in Medellin #2: Hagakure

Our friend Eliana crafts customized items that capture the essence of Medellin’s art scene and Colombian fauna. Hagakure is ideal for those seeking unique souvenirs in Medellin that go beyond a cheap T-shirt or a cap saying “I love Medellin”. She can even customize the pieces with a personal touch. Connect with Eliana through WhatsApp to customize and purchase your own keepsakes.


Souvenirs Medellin - Hagakure
Souvenirs Medellin – Hagakure



Souvenirs in Medellin #3:. Caballo de Troya

For those who cherish authentic craftsmanship, Caballo de Troya is a must-visit. Located conveniently* on the old way to the airport, Caballo de Troya offers a selection of the finest Colombian handicrafts, all under fair trade practices. It’s a must-visit for those who appreciate authentic craftsmanship, offering a variety of home decor and traditional clothing. Plan a visit by taxi or Uber, ideally before you head home, to explore their extensive collection.

*Keep in mind: Most people go to the airport through the “new road” also known as El tunel. Which goes through an 8km tunnel. However, this shop is half way through the “old road” also known as Las Palmas. So if you want to go there before your flight, make sure to tell your driver you need to go through “Las Palmas”


Souvenirs Medellin - Caballo de Troya.
Souvenirs Medellin – Caballo de Troya.



Souvenirs in Medellin #4: De Mis Manos

Location: Cra 66B #34A – 76, Laureles 

Situated in several shopping malls (e.g. Unicentro), De Mis Manos showcases a variety of local artisans’ work, promoting fair trade and sustainable practices. As a recommended spot for finding unique souvenirs in Medellin, the shop offers a range of ethically sourced products, from locally-made gifts to handcrafted jewelry and bespoke home decor. You can explore their offerings directly at Unicentro Shopping Mall.


Souvenirs Medellin - De Mis Manos
Souvenirs Medellin – De Mis Manos


A note on cultural sensitivity


Souvenirs Medellin - What locals find offensive
Souvenirs Medellin – What locals find offensive

Before we talk about our final two spots, it’s important to address a sensitive aspect of souvenir shopping in Medellin. You may encounter merchandise featuring Pablo Escobar, such as shirts and mugs. While he is a significant part of the city’s history, which we explore in our Free Walking Tour, many residents find buying products that idolize this criminal to be offensive and distasteful. We encourage you to consider these sentiments and choose other souvenirs that honor and respect the rich culture and people of Medellin.



Souvenirs in Medellin #5: Mi Viejo Pueblo

Location: Cra. 49 #53-20, La Candelaria, Medellín

In Mi Viejo Pueblo you’ll find lots of things, many times unfortunately you’ll find cheap-low quality stuff. But if you enjoy taking your time, hunting through the stalls, or simply get lots of things for good price, then this is your place, you’ll find great. 


Souvenirs Medellin - Mi Viejo Pueblo
Souvenirs Medellin – Mi Viejo Pueblo


Souvenirs in Medellin #6: Comuna 13

Once notorious, Comuna 13 has blossomed into a vibrant community filled with art and life. This neighborhood now offers an eclectic mix of souvenirs, from affordable memorabilia to artisanal masterpieces, showcasing the artistic revival of Medellin. It’s a living example of the city’s transformation and a great place to visit and find unique gifts.


Souvenirs Medellin - Comuna 13
Souvenirs Medellin – Comuna 13



Souvenirs Medellín Bonus #1: Colkings

For cool urban clothing, make yourself a favor and check out Colkings for unique souvenirs! Dedicated to pay a tribute to Colombia’s biodiversity, Colking’s garments showcase Colombia’s endemic animals in stunning detail. Find them conveniently located at the mall where we meet for our free walking tour. Grab a piece of Colombia’s natural heritage and wear it with pride!


Souvenirs Medellín - Colking
Souvenirs Medellín – Colking

Souvenirs Medellin Bonus #2:  Coffee makes a great souvenir

Don’t overlook the opportunity to bring back a taste of Colombia with some locally sourced coffee. Brands like Rituales, Pergamino, Urbania, and Laboratorio del Café offer exquisite beans that make perfect gifts or personal mementos. Coffee is not only a beloved staple in Colombian culture but also a non-fragile item that’s easy to transport, ensuring you can savor the flavors of Medellin long after your visit. Special remark to Pergamino, in their shops they have a very nice section of Souvenirs.


Souvenirs Medellin Bonus #3: San Alejo Market 

This is the closest to a “Flew Market” you’ll find in Medellín. San Alejo at Parque de Bolívar takes place the first Saturday of each month, and it is a cultural event featuring artisans, musicians, and vendors showcasing Colombian crafts and goods. Many see it as a celebration of community and heritage. If you are in the city on the first Saturday of the month, we recommend going between 10 am and 5 pm. You can go after attending our Free Walking Tour. We finish the tour nearby.


Souvenirs Medellin Bonus #4: Planetario and Parque Explora

Right next to the Botanical Gardens, you can find the Planetarium and Parque Explora, if you are a bit nerdy or want a gift for your nephew or niece who loves science stuff this is the perfect place to find souvenirs in Medellin. Their souvenir shops have super cool stuff that combines the geeky world of science and Medellin.



As you venture through Medellin’s charming streets and vibrant neighborhoods, remember that each souvenir you select carries a story worth sharing. The spots we’ve highlighted not only offer unique, handcrafted items but also allow you to contribute positively to the local economy and communities. 

By choosing to shop at these locations, you’re not just taking home a piece of Medellin; you’re supporting the traditions and craftsmanship that make this city truly special. We hope this guide helps you find meaningful souvenirs in Medellin that will keep your memories of Medellin alive long after your journey ends. 

Happy shopping!