View of the Guatape rock and the reservoir

How to visit Guatape from Medellín for a day trip or longer

Guatape is easily the most popular day-trip for visitors who are curious to venture out of Medellín. The town is located about 2 hours East of Medellín and is known mainly for its colorful houses and large rock “Piedra del Peñol” from the top of which you have great views of the reservoir surrounding the village.



In this post, we’ll cover the questions we get asked most about visiting Guatape.


How do I get there?



Depending on your budget and your travel style, there are different options. We tend to recommend going by bus because it’s cheap and quite simple:


By bus:

Mini-buses to Guatape leave every 30 minutes from the North bus terminal (“Terminal del Norte”) next to Caribe metro station, look for booth (“taquilla”) number 14. It’s usually best to go to the rock first before visiting the town as the views tend to be better in the morning, so when you buy the ticket, tell them you are going to “la piedra”. From the rock you can take a tuk-tuk to the town, and then grab a bus back from the town to Medellín. If you’re going on the weekend, it’s wise to buy your return ticket ahead of time, as it can get busy.


  • Schedule: From 5:30am to 7pm, every 30 minutes
  • Price: COP 15,000 per one-way ticket (Feb 2020)
  • Travel time: The trip by bus takes around 2 hours each way under normal traffic conditions

By car (rental, ride-hailing app, private transport company):


Alternatively, if buses aren’t your thing or there are several of you and you prefer to go by car, that’s of course also possible. The trip will be shortened by around 30 minutes to an approximated travel time of 1.5 hours each way under normal traffic conditions. The price will depend entirely on which option of car transport you choose. Just keep in mind that as the road to Guatape is highly transited by tourists, it is heavily controlled by traffic police who do spot checks to ensure that vehicles have the necessary paperwork required for commercial transport.


What is there to do?

The rock


La Piedra del Peñol, as it is officially called, is usually where most visitors stop first. If you haven’t seen a picture of the rock itself in preparation for your trip, you’ve probably seen a picture taken from the top of it. On a clear day, the viewpoints on top of the rock will provide stunningly unique backdrops for your travel selfies. The only thing you have to do to get to the top is pay COP 20,000 (Feb 2020) and walk up 740 steps. Easy, right? The good news is that once you’ve made it, you can reward yourself with a cold beer – if you’re feeling adventurous, order it with mango, lemon and salt (“cerveza michelada de mango”).


How to visit Guatape from Medellín for a day trip or longer Real City Tours Medellin
View of the Guatape rock and the reservoir


The town

The town of Guatape itself is not that big, so it’s very easy to explore by foot. The characteristic colorful houses are famous for their diverse “zócalos”, which are painted panels on the bottom half of the façade depicting different occupations and aspects of village life. If you’re in need of souvenirs for loved ones back home, this is a great place to get them, as there is a variety of little stores selling good quality locally-produced handicrafts, including leather goods, jewelry, traditional ponchos and small household items.


How to visit Guatape from Medellín for a day trip or longer Real City Tours Medellin
Colorful streets of Guatape

The reservoir

Another popular activity in Guatape is to take a boat tour on the reservoir. No prior booking is required, as the boats usually wait at the dock until they fill up. On the weekends when the town fills up with local visitors, the frequency of the tour departures increases while during the week the frequency is likely to be less. Depending on your budget, there is however always the option of choosing a smaller, private boat. Prices vary, but don’t be afraid to bargain.


How to visit Guatape from Medellín for a day trip or longer Real City Tours Medellin
View of the reservoir of Guatape from the rock


What can I do to avoid the crowds in Guatape?


  • If you go for one day, try not to leave Medellín after 9am.
  • Try to avoid going on the weekend when most locals visit the town as it can get very busy.
  • If you have the time, stay overnight. This will help you to avoid the day-trippers as you will be there before they arrive and after they leave.


Can you recommend any tours in Guatape?


For those looking for a unique experience, we strongly recommend the full-day tour to Guatape offered by Van por Colombia. Before we go into detail, one very important point: If you’re looking for a typical sight-seeing tour, this is not for you! What you get with Van por Colombia is an authentic experience, where the focus is more on stimulating your senses than on a recital of historical facts. We’re talking back roads, music, swimming, and delicious home-made food (oh, the food!).


Info & contact details: www.vanxcolombia.com

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