Free tour schedule

Free tour Schedule

Free Walking Tour Medellin schedule


Please find below the schedule of the Free Tour Medellin.


Monday to Friday

Updated Oct 2022: The starting times available for the Medellin free tour during the weekdays are: 10:00am and 2:30pm. The only exception is that we do not run the free tour on holidays (most of the holidays in Colombia are on Monday, here is the calendar)



Updated Oct 2022: On Saturdays and Sundays we are only offering the free tour 10:00am.


Free tour meeting point


The meeting point for the free tour in Medellin remains the same for the last 10 years. We meet on top of the pedestrian bridge at the north ticket booth of Alpujarra metro station. If you are taking Uber, just write “Real City Tours” as your destination or simply click here. We wear red t-shirts with our logo on it and have a red umbrella.


Please click here for a more detailed article on the free tour meeting point.


Free Tour Community

More than a year ago, we were invited by the Free Tour Community to be part of their exclusive list of the top rated free tours all over the world. Perhaps you are not aware of this, but our industry is getting every time more corporate, middle-man and commission driven. There are several platforms where customers like, you are shown those companies who pay to get visibility, not those who actually deliver a great service. Free Tour Comminuty’s goal is to unite and give visibility to the best local, independent business, whose priority is to give a top quality service. We were vey proud to receive their invitation and of course to join them.

If you want to know more about why Free Tours are the way to go when travelling, you should take a look at this article by Rax from Singapore, who not only explains why you should take free tours, but also gives you a list of those companies who provide a top quality service.


Media appearences

Earlier this year I had the great opportunity to meet Kevin from Main Stream Travel Channel who was visting Medellin. We met for a day and walked around the city, I showed him what we do in our Free Tour, Exotic Fruits Tour and Barrio Transformation Tour. This is the awesome video he made about our city.




Also in June, we were lucky enough to guide Zi Xie in our free tour. Zi is a digital nomad currently based in Medellín. She definetely grasped the escense of our tour when she wrote on her blog:

I learned more about Colombia and Medellin’s history thanks to the awesome people at Real City Tours. What really stayed with me is how optimistic this city and its people are, despite all the hardships, the stigmas, and ongoing unrests.




Lastly, last week was released the podcast by our friends at OLSA International. We invite you to listen to it, and if you dont understand because it is in spanish, don’t worrie, contact OLSA and they will help you out. They are the best certified spanish school in Medellín and they are even teaching online.

That’s all for now!